Thin Eyeliner Brush – Precise and Perfect Stroke – Used by Professionals – Single Piece

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Our Eyeliner Brush is designed for liquid and gel eyeliner precision. Creating a streamlined shape and ultra-precise lines has never been easier.

This Eyeliner Brush has a super slim shape that allows for perfect precision when applying eyeliners. From a slim, defining line to a bold winged liner, it can create a variety of liner styles in a simple stroke. The synthetic fibres enable the brush to maintain a firm shape, even after cleaning.

Why you are going to love it:
  • Best for beginners
  • Precisely applies eyeliner
  • The extra-fine tip allows for exact placement and clean application
  • The tapered shape fits perfectly along the lash line and makes it easy to create a winged liner
  • The thin bristles allow for tight-lining the eye with precision
  • Can be used for any detailed line work on the face and body
  • The narrow size makes this brush ideal for application in the waterline
More about this product
  • SMOOTH EYELINER GEL APPLICATION – Shape and Fill your wing tips with clean edges for dramatic and edgy eyeliner looks. Apply premium eyeliner black, colored, matte, nude, or color pigments using our thin pencil-point or angled eyeliner brush.
  • PERFECT EASY TO USE – Point Bristle For Filling & Eyelid Edges. These fine-tipped brushes allow you to draw the eyeliner shape outline easily and the flat brush glides to fill the wing tip perfect addition to your makeup brush stash and so easy to clean.
  • CLEAN EYELINER EDGES – NO SMUDGING nor Messy Eyeliner Smudges. These multipurpose brushes help you achieve clean wing tips. Glide smoothly on your skin with gel liquid which makes it versatile, durable, and easy to apply Liner. For Beginners and Makeup Artist MUA for enthusiasts.
  • GENTLE AND SAFE FOR SENSITIVE SKIN – with seamless bristles to prevent irritation. Lightweight to fit in any women’s bag, purse, clutch or make up travel bag.
How to apply
  • This ultra-thin detailing brush allows for easy application of both traditional and winged eyeliner looks. Use the brush to glide product along the shape and curve of the eye.
  • Can be used wet or dry.
  • Use this ultra-thin brush to create detailed graphic eyeliner looks.
  • Dampen the brush before dipping into your eyeshadow¬†shades to create an eyeliner effect.

For Eyelining


Wood, Aluminium, Synthetic Hair


Black, White

Skin Type

All skin types


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